Are your preventative maintenance contracts insured?<br>Chill-Pro® HVAC Service Contract Insurance protects HVAC contractor profits
Are your preventative maintenance contracts insured?
Chill-Pro® HVAC Service Contract Insurance protects HVAC contractor profits
Chill-Pro® has over 40 years of experience serving commercial HVAC service contractors. We pay your costs for replacement parts and labor when the HVAC equipment you maintain under a preventative maintenance agreement suddenly and accidentally breaks down or fails.
Over 10,000 + HVAC Service Contracts
Insured Nationally

Chill-Pro® has helped thousands of HVAC service contractors nationwide sell more maintenance agreements by using cost effective insurance to manage contract costs and protect margins.  Chill-Pro® HVAC Service Contract Insurance is an annual and renewable insurance policy that covers breakdown risks tied to guaranteed/ comprehensive service contracts.

Include Chill-Pro® in your Preventative Maintenance Contracts  for:

  • Compressors, Motors, Pumps
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers
  • Electronics, Controls, Control Panels
  • Refrigerant, Coils, and Tubes
  • Labor costs, Overhead
  • Cranes, Rigging, and Truck Charges

Here’s how it works

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Chill-Pro has become a trusted partner of our company and we wouldn’t consider taking on the liability of a full parts and labor chiller agreement without them being on board.

Livonia, MI

Chill-Pro allows both the customer and the contractor to sleep at night.   The customer knows they are “actually” protected and maintained by a quality company and can successfully manage their operations budget with less risk.  Many companies who do not use Chill-Pro have convinced the clients that they are fully covered, but when the failure occurs, the red flags come up.

Glendale, CA

Chill-Pro has given us a cost advantage and the needed security to help grow our service business.  

Columbus, OH

FRS/Chill-Pro has always been prompt with rate quotes, and their claim process is straight-forward with claim benefits paid promptly. Utilizing FRS/Chill-Pro as a partner gives us peace of mind in leveraging our risks with our certified chiller contracts and enables us to offer our services at competitive prices to our customers.

Morrisville, NC

FRS/Chill-Pro has always been very easy to work with. They are very responsive when we have a claim and reimburse us promptly. We value the service they provide because we are able to maintain a regular operating cost.

Arlington Heights, IL

We believe insuring the breakdown risk in our comprehensive or full responsibility service contracts is in our best long term interests. FRS/Chill-Pro helped us secure a large, prestigious job requiring us to cover not only the HVAC equipment but electrical switch gear and generators as well. FRS/Chill-Pro is a valued business partner of our company.

Little Rock, AR

Chill-Pro insurance helps us to control our risk as well as protects our clients from a major financial loss. We believe insuring with FRS/Chill-Pro for our inclusive maintenance service agreements is in our client’s best interest as well as ours. FRS/Chill-Pro always gets us quotes in a timely manner, and helps manage our claims when we have a loss.

Metuchen, NJ

We have been providing Chill-Pro insurance to our customers for 20+ years. The policies are easy to secure, easy to renew and claims are submitted quickly and paid promptly. The knowledge and quick responses from the most friendly, helpful people really makes our part easy. We appreciate working with such a great company!

Allentown, PA

We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with FRS/Chill-Pro, an organization that provided us with a very unique approach in assuring peace of mind for our clients’ needs as it pertains to their mechanical assets. Their streamlined service is simple and comes at a very competitive and value-added cost. We highly recommend their service especially if you are looking to provide your Clients with peace of mind and the highest level of service.

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