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Chill-Pro® helps commercial HVAC service contractors sell more maintenance agreements by using cost-effective insurance to manage costs and protect margins! Learn more by reading our blog today!


  • Chill-Pro Overview
  • 4 Tips for Negotiating Maintenance Agreements
    Maintenance costs can make up a significant portion of a manufacturer’s revenue, ranging from 15% to 70%, as per the US Department of Commerce. Negotiations for maintenance contracts primarily revolve around cost reduction, leading to an adversarial dynamic where both parties aim to protect their profits, often resulting in contractors operating with minimal margins and […]
  • 2023 Chill-Pro Late Summer Claims Highlights
    21-year-old water cooled Screw chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor failure. DESCRIPTION: Checked chiller, found restricted expansion valves causing elevated condensing temperature, was running zero degrees of superheat, and was running liquid through the compressor and flooding the compressors. Once the oil became acidic, it deteriorated the insulation on the wiring and caused it to ground.  […]
  • 2023 Chill-Pro Spring Claims Highlights
    10-year-old Centrifugal chiller. Cause of Loss: Variable Speed Drive failure.DESCRIPTION: Power module for 100 HP VFD Starter failed. Further investigation revealed two burntspots in the power module. The cause of the burnt was electrical arcing in the power module. The maindrive assembly was replaced, and the chiller unit returned to service. The unit was repaired […]
  • 2023 Chill-Pro® Winter Claims Highlights
    6-year-old Magnetic Bearing Chiller. Cause of Loss: Bearing failure DESCRIPTION: Magnetic bearings for the compressor would not levitate. The compressor was not fieldrepairable. Compressor was replaced with remanufactured one from the vendor. It appears that cost fornew Mag Bearing compressor of same size cost as much as a new one. No overtime cost associated withcompressor […]

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