2021 Chill-Pro® Winter Claims Highlights

Check out the list of some of our claims highlights from the past few months, closing out our year in 2021.

  • 5-year-old Water cooled Centrifugal chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor Arcing.
    DESCRIPTION: The stator for magnetic bearing compressor failed in the windings. Please note that
    the compressor was not field repairable and required entire compressor to be replaced. The
    compressor is traded for core and rebuilt magnetic bearing compressor installed. No other
    damage noted to other components associated with compressor failure.

  • 6-year-old Air cooled Screw chiller. Cause of Loss: Locked Rotor.
    DESCRIPTION: The motor that shorted to ground is related to compressor #2. Through
    conversations with insured, contact found metal shavings inside the compressor so we are
    suspecting a possible lubrication issue which may have been oil pump failure. After the new
    compressor was started, tech made a couple of return trips to check the oil. Minimum oil height
    in the oil separator is 7 inches. He measured 8 inches which means lubrication is running normal.
    The compressor was replaced, and unit returned to service.

  • 31-year-old Water cooled Centrifugal chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor arcing.
    DESCRIPTION: Received an emergency service call around 5am this morning stating the chiller is
    tripping the main breaker. Upon arrival, technician found that the motor had shorted and seized.
    This chiller is critical to the operation of a 10-story office building. It was quicker to replace motor
    than attempt repair. It appears that drive line seizure may have caused damage to the motor.
    The motor operates 450 Tr centrifugal compressor. The labor cost to remove and reinstall motor
    from the roof of the building was extensive. A crane was used to remove and reinstall the motor.
    Refrigerant recovery service was utilized during the repair process as well. The drive was rebuilt,
    and new motor installed.

  • 9-year-old Air cooled Scroll chiller. Cause of Loss: Relays arcing.
    DESCRIPTION: LP & HP Transducer and sensor shorted out and required replacement.

  • 2-year-old Reciprocating chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor arcing, grounded.
    DESCRIPTION: Technicians were called out when the compressor on chiller unit stopped
    functioning. Inspection of the chiller unit found that compressor Ohm tested too high. The
    technicians determined the compressor motor windings were open and the unit shorted to ground.
    The compressor has been replaced and the unit has been returned to service.

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