2023 Chill-Pro® Autumn Claims Highlights

22-year-old Centrifugal chiller
Cause of Loss: Oil Pump Failure

DESCRIPTION: On date of loss, the oil pump failed on the referenced chiller causing the machine to go off on a safety failure. It was determined at that time that the pump and motor failed causing an over-amperage situation and tripped the safety on the machine. It was also determined at that time that the pump and motor were drawing too much amperage due to damaged windings and needed to be replaced to safely run the machine. Please note that the purge unit failed prior to the oil pump and was replaced. The oil pump was replaced new and the unit was returned to service.

6-year-old Screw chiller
Cause of Loss: Compressor motor windings shorted to ground

DESCRIPTION: This was the initial loss for Compressor Number 2. The compressor shorted out in the motor windings. Initially, it was thought that the compressor had locked and later discovered when the old one was removed it turned freely. The compressor was replaced along with the contactor and fuses. After startup, everything was running normally. The oil separator height was 10 inches. It appears that the software on the Tracer interface for this chiller somehow got corrupted and the insured could not retrieve all the alarm history. The software issue has been corrected.

9-year-old Magnetic Bearing chiller
Cause of Loss: Loss of control voltage due to power surge

DESCRIPTION: Called insured to discuss inverter damage to Chiller #2. Insured stated that the power surge in the local area caused loss of control voltage for Chillers Number 1 and 2. As a result, A/C D/C inverters had to be replaced on both chillers. No other damage noted to components other than control voltage.

10-year-old Centrifugal chiller
Cause of Loss: Circuit board failure

DESCRIPTION: During the service call, the chiller was found to be inoperable. The troubleshooting procedure revealed failure of 4 printed circuit boards. Cause of failure unknown. Replaced circuit boards and restarted 450-ton Centrifugal Chiller. No further maintenance performed.

2-year-old Centrifugal chiller
Cause of Loss: Seized bearings, motor shorted to ground

DESCRIPTION: Technicians found the chiller inoperable and pulling too many amps across the system. Testing of the single compressor on the chiller found that the compressor had seized bearings and would not turn. The seized bearings also caused the motor to burn up and short to ground. The compressor motor was then disconnected from the chiller and sent to be rebuilt. After the motor was rebuilt and returned to the loss site, technicians had the motor reinstalled. Vibration testing was completed and after a successful test, the compressor was restarted. After confirming no other problems with the compressor, the chiller was returned to service.

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