2023 Chill-Pro Late Summer Claims Highlights

21-year-old water cooled Screw chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor failure.

DESCRIPTION: Checked chiller, found restricted expansion valves causing elevated condensing temperature, was running zero degrees of superheat, and was running liquid through the compressor and flooding the compressors. Once the oil became acidic, it deteriorated the insulation on the wiring and caused it to ground.  The compressor was replaced, and the system returned to service.

16-year-old 500 Ton Centrifugal chiller. Cause of Loss: O-Ring rupture and failure

DESCRIPTION: A 500 Ton Centrifugal Chiller had major leaks. Loss reported as major leak on chiller.  Further communication revealed that an O-Ring blew out releasing an excessive amount of freon from the system. Contractor confirmed the damage to O-Ring.  It appears that O-Ring was damaged and could not hold Freon in the system.  The O-Ring was replaced, and Freon added to the system.  The bulk of the claim cost was refrigerant recovery by refrigerant recovery contractor.

11-year-old 20 HP Pump. Cause of Loss: Bearing failure

DESCRIPTION: Bearing seized on pump shaft causing high amp draw in chill water pump motor.  The pump was taken to a repair shop for replacement of the bearing and repair of the shaft that suffered damage due to bearing failure. The pump was repaired and placed back into service.

6-year-old Magnetic Bearing chiller. Cause of Loss: Demagnetization

DESCRIPTION: Magnetic bearing compressor failure. Magnetic bearings for the compressor would not levitate. The compressor was not field repairable. The compressor was replaced with a remanufactured compressor from the vendor. No core charge for the damaged compressor. No overtime cost associated with the compressor replacement.

9-year-old water cooled Screw chiller. Cause of Loss: Control board failure

DESCRIPTION: Chiller display was inoperable, and unit would not start.  Further investigation revealed the failure of the chiller control board.  The control board was replaced, and the chiller returned to service.

21-year-old water cooled Centrifugal chiller. Cause of Loss: Shaft seal rupture

DESCRIPTION: Shaft seal ruptured causing non condensable to be pulled into machine contaminating the refrigerant and loss of oil. The shaft seal was replaced, and the unit returned to service.  Insured verified that no damage occurred to the shaft.

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