2023 Chill-Pro® Winter Claims Highlights

6-year-old Magnetic Bearing Chiller. Cause of Loss: Bearing failure

DESCRIPTION: Magnetic bearings for the compressor would not levitate. The compressor was not field
repairable. Compressor was replaced with remanufactured one from the vendor. It appears that cost for
new Mag Bearing compressor of same size cost as much as a new one. No overtime cost associated with
compressor repair.

10-year-old Centrifugal Chiller. Cause of Loss: Circuit Board failure

DESCRIPTION: During service call chiller was found to be inoperable. Troubleshooting procedure revealed
failure of 4 printed circuit boards. Cause of failure unknown. Replaced circuit boards and restarted 450-
ton X Centrifugal Chiller. No further maintenance performed.

18-year-old Screw Chiller. Cause of Loss: Compressor shorted, contacts welded

DESCRIPTION: Our investigation found that on the date of loss, X technicians were called out to
troubleshoot the 215-Ton X Screw Chiller. Initial inspection found the chiller offline on a high amp alarm.
Technicians found that the new compressor that was installed earlier in the year had shorted to ground
and the contacts had welded together. This compressor was still under warranty from the manufacturer.
Technicians removed the refrigerant charge from the compressor. During this process, they tested the
refrigerant to make sure they could reuse in the new compressor. Testing of the refrigerant found a
significantly high acid content. The contamination happened when the compressor shorted, which made
the refrigerant unusable. 240 lbs. of R-22 refrigerant was purchased for the replacement compressor.
Once the new compressor was received, technicians reinstalled and tested operation. After a successful
re-start and verification of proper operation, the chiller was returned to service.

1 Year old Centrifugal Chiller. Cause of Loss: Water Pump failure

DESCRIPTION: Loss submitted Chiller water pump found leaking. Further investigation revealed that
pump had cracked seal and damage to the pump shaft. The shaft was resurfaced, seal replaced, and
pump returned to service.

7-year-old Centrifugal Chiller. Cause of Loss: VFD failure

DESCRIPTION: Our investigation discovered that on the date of loss, technicians were called out to
diagnose the 700-Ton X Centrifugal Chiller that had stopped working on an Over-current Alarm. Initial
inspection found that the compressor motor on the chiller would not start back up after a restart
attempt. A more thorough inspection, which tested the compressor motor and all components
connected to it, found that the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that helps control the chiller motor was
not operating properly. Testing of the VFD found that one phase had shorted to ground and the second
phase would not modulate the correct voltage. Technicians replaced and reprogrammed the VFD on the
compressor motor, then re-started the chiller. After monitoring operations, technicians returned the
chiller to service.

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