8 Costly Estimating Mistakes (and how CHILL-PRO® fixes them!)

  1. Not conducting a site visit
  • Unknown site conditions can cause unexpected, and expensive issues
  • Equipment access and specialty lift requirements should be noted

2. Inaccurate Takeoffs

  • If you miss items during takeoff estimating or do not get accurate equipment data, you’ll
    either overestimate the project and not win the bid or you’ll underestimate and risk profits.

    *CHILL-PRO® has over 30 years of equipment actuarial data and provides accurate, and affordable
    rates for all types of commercial HVAC equipment!

3. Not Reviewing Your Work

4. Not Reviewing Subcontractor Estimates

5. Inaccurate Labor Costs

  • Focus on determining how many labor hours it takes to perform a task to use as a guide
    when estimating labor costs
  • Don’t forget prevailing wages, overtime labor, or specialty outsourced labor costs

    *CHILL-PRO® reimburses your repair labor costs, with options to include overtime labor and
    outsourced labor costs!

6. Material and Supply Costs

  • Material prices can fluctuate dramatically from the estimate to service commencement.
  • Costly delays caused by techs not having the materials they need will hurt your bottom line

    *CHILL-PRO® reimburses your replacement parts costs including freight, shipping, and overhead!

7. Failing to Assess Risks & Creating Contingencies

  • The bigger the risk, the more time you should spend on determining ways to mitigate them
    and how that could impact your costs
  • You won’t be able to recoup the losses that occur should an unforeseen issue/ breakdown

    *CHILL-PRO® covers your biggest breakdown risks and recoups your repair costs. We turn around
    quotes in less than 24 hours!

8. Making Uneducated Guesses
*CHILL-PRO® takes the guesswork out of selling profitable comprehensive HVAC service agreements!

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